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Very narrow road with parked cars and 2 way traffic make it dangerous for cyclists. Make it one way.

Entire road from Wickham to Fareham is dangerous for cyclists with drivers passing at 60mph+. A cycle lane could solve this.

Visibility is poor for walkers when leaving the Itchen navigation and young children often just step out into the road. Put a barrier on the footpath to stop people just stepping out

Visibility for walkers on the Itchen Way is poor when they have to cross the road here. Walking from Shawford direction, they have to step into the road hoping that there isn't a car coming. This is also dangerous for drivers and cyclist ... [more]

A dedicated cycle path on the eastern side of Winchester Road in Compton is required to link up the Hockley cyclepath with the cycle paths through Otterbourne. There is space on this side of the road, and its the key piece of missing cycle ... [more]

The old railway should be used as a cycleway and footpath to connect Bishop's Waltham with the large new development at Horton Heath/Botley

The old railway should be used as a cycleway and footpath to connect Bishop's Waltham with the large new development at Horton Heath/Botley

No way to cycle from Wales St to School of Art / Leisure park / Hyde area due to very narrow pavement. Now old police station shut there is opp to create through path via Car park / school of art.

Turning left from OBRs on to BFR there is frequently congestion with mixture of cycles and cars, exacerbated by the pavement being widened to create the bus stop space on BFR. A cycle 'cut through' on the pavement would not inconvenience p ... [more]

Connect 5 bridges with back street

Cycle lane from bridge to high street

Dedicated cycle lane to link with local schools

A definite dedicated cycle lane all around the field through to main roads into & out of Whiteley main roads

Traffic in narrow street with many pedestrians. Close road ("The square")

Formal cycle route

Lights not sensitive enough for cyclists leading red light jumping!

Connect Whiteley via Springles Lane providing a cycleway/path or widening the dangerous Fontley Road with River Lane onto Mayles Lane providing a link to Wickham

Downhill cycle lane against traffic flow

Uphill cycle lane needs to be segregated from traffic with turn right options

Create a cycle link from Park and Ride to viaduct path

Currently only a footpath. Cycle way needed from Winchester to Eastleigh beside river and canal. It is safe and flat

Very busy road used by many cyclists. Cycle way needed from fishers pond to hockley M3. B3354 and B3355

Cycling up the Romsey Road hill is slow and exposed. There is need for a marked cycle lane uphill only.

Very busy road used by cyclists. Cycle way needed from fishers pond colden common to hockley M3

Very busy junction.Junction space and traffic light phasing needed for cyclists and walkers.

Very large traffic flow on unsuitable minor road making it very unsafe for walkers and cyclists

Narrow. Flat route used by many cyclists. Needs separation from traffic

Narrow. much traffic. unsafe for walkers and cyclists it connects village centre to much used Bridleway

There is a path alongside the river all the way to Southampton. This could be developed into a long distance cycle path. This should have been done with the recent redevelopment - but this opportunity was missed and bikes are explicitly n ... [more]

This is a busy uphill stretch of road. The carriageway is only wide enough for one car in each direction. Cyclists go slowly up the hill delaying traffic, causing car driver frustration and danger and stress to cyclists. There are wide pave ... [more]

Pavements currently very narrow; social distancing impossible and cycling access to NCN 23 difficult and hazardous. Single lane with traffic lights required.

Chandlers Ford to Hursley is a dangerous narrow road and many cyclists can and could use it to get to IBM (2000 people) We have long argued for a safe cycle route - please, please act here, thankyou

This is the road from the station to Sparsholt College. There are often students walking and cycling along this road, where the space is narrow and few places to safely overtake. The speed limit is 50, with many driving much faster. A bike ... [more]

The centre area of Bishops Waltham should be closed to cars entirely and have the High Street pedestrianised as the pavements are too narrow as it is.

This is a busy section of road and shared use of footpath may be an optiob

Provide a pavement to allow pedestrians to walk safely along a Titchfield Lane to meet the pavement running alongside the A334 for access to Wickham and McCarthy’s as well as the various footpaths which meet Titchfield Lane

Cut back overgrowth at both ends of cycle/pathway.

Over grown at both ends. Needs cutting back, especially as you can no longer use grass verge from Park Gate over the motorway and into Whiteley.

Overgrown hedges making it difficult to cycle and walk/run along it. Used in increasing amounts for commutes and families walking. Also runners and cyclists. Overgrown with brambles. Witherbed Lane

Install a proper signalled crossing so that it is possible to walk and cycle to Lidl, and cross for school buses, without having to take your life in your own hands and face speeding cars coming from the motorway and off the roundabout.

Or have a contraflow cycle lane

The cycleway is badly thought out and confusing, crossing busy traffic lanes multiple times. It is simply safer to stay on the roundabout with the traffic.

This is a really nasty road to cycle on. It's narrow and busy. Separation for cycles would help - though recognise there are pinch points where this would currently be difficult

The road is narrow, with many of the junctions having poor visibility. The dangers of this road dissuade many commuting to sites on portsdown hill from cycling, this increasing traffic.

Need a pavement to walk along Portsdown hill. Currently walkers have to walk in the road

Provide cycleway on B3047 between Ladycroft and Broad Street

Cyclists not having the respect to foot passengers alongside meadowside track .. not are they distancing

The Deviation Line, from Mayles Lane to Highlands Road, has become too narrow and overgrown for bikes and pedestrians to socially distance. Improving this path would create a safe route from West Meon/Wickham to Fareham.

Meon Valley Trail is a dead end here. I appears relatively easy to continue the Trail with a foot/cycle bridge over the narrow Meon culvert and into Mayles Lane, creating a safe cycle route from Fareham to West Meon.

Traffic grislock from 7am until 7pm means we are prisoners in our own homes. The toad is dangerous for s-cyclists and would benefit from dedicated cycle lanes to give transport options

Traffic gridlock from 7 am until 7pm makes us prisoners in out homes. At least a cycle path will give us options.

There are a number of footpaths that dead end onto the Titchfield - Wickham road but its too dangerous to walk along - add a pavement

Having a continuous footpath along marjoram, so that it is no longer necessary to cross from behind parked cars, where visibility is often restricted. Often seen schoolbus users walk down road rather than constantly cross from one side to ... [more]

Have a footpath and cycle route from marjoram through to yew tree, so that it is no longer necessary to walk/push bike through the pub beer garden

Have a footpath and cycle route from marjoram through to yew tree, so that it is no longer necessary to walk/push bike through the pub beer garden

Having a continuous footpath along marjoram, so that it is no longer necessary to cross from behind parked cars, where visibility is often restricted

A footpath through from Solent Way to Rookery Avenue for school children on the Leafy Lane side to safely go through the Mollison underpass and then straight across the Solent Way business park to cross where there is better visibility at t ... [more]

The length of Botley road from Park Gate to Botley T junction should have a dedicated cycle lane. This road is used a lot by cyclist to get out to the country roads for leisure but also would encourage people to cycle to Botley train statio ... [more]

There is no pedestrian route from Whiteley directly to Segensworth East and West (very much needed). Currently no crossing point across the J9 filter lane west bound: extremely dangerous currently for maverick pedestrians and you have to be ... [more]

This road from end to end is used by cyclist for leisure and commuting to the station, the road is far to narrow with limited passing and very dangerous for cyclists and car driver alike a cycle way and footpath is long overdue especially w ... [more]

There is no pedestrian route from Whiteley directly to Segensworth East and West (very much needed)

Alongside path

On other side of road

A dedicated safe cycle path linking Fareham to Whitey. This would help alleviate traffic and make a safe route for cyclists from this direction.

There is a path which leads around the Hamble river behind the horse and jockey. Mainly like to make it a circular route by walking through Whiteley woods. However, you have to cover 200m on the busy road. It would be nice to see a pavement ... [more]

Cycle lane needed all along botley road/curbridge. Lots of cyclists use this road and cause traffic jams. Many drivers get frustrated and overtake dangerously on the winding road. This really needs sorting out!

The allocated cycle ways are fragmented. They are often short lengths requiring frequent crossing of roads. Designated cycle routes along roads are not clearly marked and frequently come to an abrupt end requiring cyclists to continue along ... [more]

The whole infrastructure from Waterlooville town centre to the surrounding villages (Denmead, Cowplain, Horndean, Purbrook) does not allow people to travel safely by foot, bike, wheelchair, mobility scooter. We need wider pavements and segr ... [more]

Pavement stops on the west side of the road prior to McCarthys, resulting in pedestrians having to cross the busy road.

Current pavement is too narrow to navigate with children or pushchairs on the Mole side of the road. Prevents families of Wickham from visiting the recreation ground safely. An alternative would be to add a pedestrian crossing towards the r ... [more]

It is a tragic joke that this main road dual carriageway runs through the centre of our beautiful, historic town. Close it. Nobody drives on this road to get to shops or businesses; they drive on it to leave. Cars should be completely exclu ... [more]

Needs traffic calming or segregated cycle track to enable kids to cycle to school in safety.

Needs a cycleway!

Cycleway needed to enable route from denmead to waterlooville/a3 cycle corridor into portsmouth. Existing shared use path very narrow, and being shared use, some drivers can get angry because those on bikes aren't using the path

Very narrow shared path with steady 30mph traffic beside it - unable to maintain social distance and safety.

Hyde Street could be closed to through traffic.

Jewry Street could easily be made one lane to widen footpaths.

The square would be much improved if closed to traffic.

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